The Karma Conspiracy by Robert Dresner

The Karma Conspiracy
The noble warrior of the spirit …

The Karma Conspiracy is the story of three friends who went to the East in search of something miraculous and found murder and mayhem in the shadows of their quest. Through their perilous experience, we witness the dawn of the New Age, the emergence of many great teachings that have long since migrated to the West, and the loss of myriad souls on the harrowing path to enlightenment.

Regardless the risks, it was their love of India and their enchantment with the quest that defined their lives and reflected the hopes and fears of an entire generation. In the end, reality clashes with idealism as youth transitions to adulthood against all odds and gods—real and imagined. After all, it is the burden of life to bind the inequities and heal the heart in the relentless effort to know itself.

The Karma Conspiracy pays homage to the quest.

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