The Astral Imperative - Vol . V - North Country

The Astral Imperative, Vol. V
Growing Pains: Humanity Comes of Age  …

Volume V is an intense, gritty love store. Much of it is set in the North Country, post-apocalyptic America circa 3000. the prequel to Volume IV, it also profiles the continuing degeneration of Aclitan society on Mars and the erosion of Global United on Earth.

On Earth, we meet poet/warrior John “Seneca” Wallace when he is only fourteen years old, growing up in Paonia, Colorado, fishing for trout and learning the martial arts. And we explore the career of Ximena Ferraya, form native college student in Sri Lanka to the politically savvy President of Global United.

On Mars, we encounter Allwyn Mai-Her as a teenager, the cloned, irascible, transgender genius who cannot be silences. And we follow the singular life of Jen-na Soulstar, Avatar, from childhood to adulthood, expressing powers and ideas that will challenge our understanding of the universe.

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