Astral Imperative - Volume III - by Robert Dresner

The Astral Imperative, Vol. III
Humanity faces Extinction …

Twelve years have passed since the second manned mission to Mars. A colony of several hundred people is thriving in the surface. But interest in the Dream Machine, and its promise of salvation, has waned. Humanity is wallowing in a self-perpetuating malaise until its existence is again threatened by catastrophic climate change.

Yuri Popovitch, the only survivor of the first manned mission to Mars, wakes from a twelve year trance and plunges humanity into a frenzy with his mind-boggling vision of the future. Is he enlightened, or is he delusional? Is he living proof of a quantum entanglement, or the personification of evil?

Despair fosters criminality on Earth and on Mars as humanity edges toward extinction. And an unlikely boy genius emerges from the chaos and despair with the answer to the mystery behind the Dream Machine—for the right price.

Will the humanity sell its collective soul for a chance at eternal life? Will it fulfill the Astral Imperative and find the courage to enter the heart of God?

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