Astral Imperative - Volume II

The Astral Imperative, Vol. II
Earth is in Peril, Mars is in Turmoil …

While the survivors cling to life on Mars, the prospects for peace on Earth have become increasingly diminished. A seismic event in the North Atlantic, accelerating the release of methane gas into the atmosphere, now threatens violent climate change.

The discovery of a new form of life on Mars has raised questions about the origin of man, but has done nothing to lift the spirits of humanity. The Dream Machine, the first computer to ascend to consciousness, is unable to communicate.

After more than two years of political and religious wrangling on Earth, a second team of astronauts has been sent to Mars to rescue the stranded astronauts. But tensions between the rescuers and the survivors are inevitable, and an epic battle looms between the emissaries of Earth-bound dogma and the heroes of a space-based future.

Humanity is on the verge of implosion when an unexpected turn of events begets an even greater mystery in the far reaches of space.

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Robert Dresner
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