Satori Blues by Robert Dresner

Satori Blues
The noble warrior of the spirit …

Satori: understanding;
the experience of seeing into one’s true Buddha nature.

Satori Blues is the story of a most unusual man, a jazz musician adrift in a haze of drugs and pointless relationships. The optimism of the early 1960s, the love of his wife, even his musical genius are lost on Louie as he staggers through life playing the blues to suit his mood.

Following the sudden loss of a close friend in Detroit, Louie flees to New York, where he commits petty crimes to support himself; then to Paris, where a slick criminal mind usurps his rise to fame and good fortune.

Bereft of freedom and struggling against all odds to survive another day, it is Louie’s uncanny ability to endure great sorrow that combines with a kind heart to turn an ordinary life into legend.

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