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Robert Dresner’s thought-provoking, evolutionary novels
NY, Paris, Far East, Middle East, Europe, to Mars

The Astral Imperative Series will take you
on a cosmic journey that will put stars in your eyes.

The Astral Imperative Series will take you on a cosmic journey that will put stars in your eyes. Are you ready to embark on a literary Sci-Fi adventure that will alter your perception of reality? Have you been seeking a heart-wrenching read that will challenge your perspective on religion, consciousness, evolution and the origin of life? If so, this series will satisfy that desire … and much more.

The Astral Imperative - Vol . V - North Country

Robert’s Sensational
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Volume V – North Country
Growing Pains: Humanity Comes of Age

The Astral Imperative – Volume V is an intense, gritty love story. In the North Country, post apocalypic America circa 3000, we meet poet/warrior John “Seneca” Wallace and on Mars, we encounter Allwyn Mai-Her, the cloned, irascible, transgender genius who cannot be silenced. We also follow the singular life of Jen-na Soulstar, Avatar, expressing the powers and ideas that will challenge our understanding of the universe.

What makes some books so irresistibly riveting?

In Robert Dresner’s novels, the writing is unusually rich with suspense, twists and thrills so intricately plotted that you’ll be hanging on to every word. From a war of attrition between Israel and its nuclear-armed neighbors … to … a story of three friends who travel East in search of something miraculous … to .. a struggling jazz musician whose life transforms from ordinary into legend, you will find yourself captivated and wanting more.

good words. from good people who love evolutionary “mind-bending” Sci-Fi.

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