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The Astral Imperative - Vol . V - North Country

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The Astral Imperative
Volume V – North Country

Growing Pains: Humanity Comes of Age

The Prequel to Vol. IV, we meet poet/warrior John “Seneca” Wallace as a teenager in post-apocalyptic America circa 3000; and we encounter Allwyn Mai-Her, the cloned, irascible, transgender genius growing up on Mars. And we follow the life of Jen-na Soulstar, Avatar, from childhood to adulthood, expressing the powers and ideas that will challenge our understanding of the universe.

“And it all hurt so much, that sweet sorrow that was our youth . . .”

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Imagine a future that is manifest in the heavens, where humanity realizes its remarkable potential in the far reaches of the stars, a time and place where life strides the galaxies in myriad of forms and formations that defy all logic and expectations, where birth and death and the God of all things and beings and paradoxes meet on the edge of reality in a far corner of the universe that is the source of everything and nothing.

Imagine the journey to Mars and the moons of Jupiter, to the outer edge of the solar system and beyond. Envision the kind of men and women who will take us there and stretch our imagination and challenge our limitations – the kind of people who will die so that we might live and learn and evolve in spite of our pettiness and small mindedness.

Imagine the next Ice Age, the ever-stiffening cool breeze that blows across the Earth whispering the end is near while a Machine of our own making ascends to consciousness and our heroes roil in the redundant mux of red dirt and rocky canyons that comprise Mars.

Imagine the loneliness, being stranded on the dead, red planet alone with your thoughts, free of Earth; imagine the gravity of the situation. Imagine your thoughts when you see the moon from another point of view and see the Earth as a fading impression. What would enter your mind – if not who?

And you discover another form of life and you receive a message from far away place that is distinctly alien, yet strangely familiar, and you begin the think that you’ve been on Mars before, that you’ve seen it all in another life.

How is all this possible?

Imagine sitting at home on Earth, trying to explain the miracle of all this madness to your children, arguing about it with your husband or your lover or your wife, then talking about it to your clergymen—all trying to fathom this remarkable plight of being and not being able to take the leap of faith into another dimension.

Consider the frustration and despair. Then take the leap against all odds and project yourself across the galaxy into all kinds of alien minds and bodies. And you become lost in an unimaginable tangle of time and space, and you begin to realize that you seen all of this before, that you have already lived all of these lives in all of these very strange places and dimensions.

And you begin to wonder if you haven’t been possessed from the very beginning, if you aren’t a projection of someone else’s consciousness.

Imagine touching the mind of God at the end of this remarkable journey. Just try to imagine the next thousand years—or read the Astral Imperative.

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